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Come on! Ride Along - thrift Store Shopping 4 Shops

Published on Nov 10, 2014

Let's go thrifting - Salvation Army and 3 more stores - come ride along.

Harvest Thrift Store - Fabric, Books + Furniture Finds

Published on Dec 28, 2012

Check out the great stuff I purchased at Harvest Charity/Thrift Shop in Vero Beach, FL. Their store helps fund their food bank, which serves people in need in the local area, so if I can encourage others to take advantage of their great deals this week, it's worth posting the video. They are reorganizing their store and have 50% off of everything right now to clear out their inventory. I found amazing stuff, and I spent next to nothing. I am not in any way affiliated with this store or their organization...just found some great deals and wanted to pass along the info.

Here's a link to their address and phone number:

How to Shop at a Thrift Store

Uploaded on Apr 15, 2009

Watch more Buying, Spending, & Shopping Tips videos:

With the right approach and an open mind, a trip to your local thrift store can yield some fashionable bargains.

Step 1: Locate thrift stores
Hop on a computer and search for thrift stores in your area. See if customer feedback is available for any of them. A visit to a secondhand store can last two hours or two minutes, so be prepared. Map a route to two or three stores in proximity and plan to hit one after another.

Before you set out, check online or at a store for the retail price of items similar to ones you’re shopping for.

Step 2: Lower your expectations
Thrift shopping is unpredictable, so keep an open mind. If you walk in with your heart set on a specific brand or style, you’re likely to be disappointed.

Use your imagination: You can transform almost any piece of irregular clothing or furniture.

Step 3: Get details
Strike up a conversation with a store employee to find out what day of the week they stock new items. You’ll get first crack at the merchandise.

Step 4: Try clothing on
Since thrift-store clothing is preworn and often stretched out, try on everything to see and feel how it fits.

Step 5: Browse nonclothing sections
Comb carefully through books, art, CDs, and the furniture section. Some of the real finds pop up here.

Bring a tape measure to check furniture dimensions, and carry a few batteries of different sizes to test battery-power toys or electronics.

Step 6: Inspect everything
Inspect all clothing, appliances, and furniture thoroughly. Check shirts for holes and underarm stains, make sure zippers work, and plug electronics into a working outlet.

Step 7: Check out
Be sure to bring plenty of cash -- many thrift stores do not accept checks or credit.

Step 8: Clean your purchases
Most secondhand stores don’t wash their merchandise before they display it. Once home, throw your new clothes into the washing machine or have them cleaned. Wipe down furniture or appliances, and carefully clean upholstery.

Did You Know?
In 2006, a retired truck driver who picked up an old painting for $5 at a thrift store was offered $9 million for it, after an art expert speculated that it was a Jackson Pollock.

Treasure Hunting - Thrifting at the Salvation Army in San Diego.

Published on Feb 23, 2015
Katharyne Shelton from Treasure Hunting revisits her old haunt - the Salvation Army in San Diego, looking for products to sell on Amazon FBA and eBay.

I can't believe I left the Lids-Off behind. I guess I was sick :P

Thursday, June 4, 2015

37 Upcycled Container Garden Ideas

You can capture a child’s imagination with a magical fairy garden
like this one.
Welcome, DIYers! If your interest in upcycled, original garden containers led you to this blog, you’re in the right place. Spring is rapidly approaching and we get so excited around here, we like to make it a bit of an event. If you are familiar with my other posts, you know I love to identify hot topics likeheadboards and fire pits and bring you the best we’ve got. And at this moment, nothing is hotter than container gardening.Since our forte on this blog isupcycling, I’ve concentrated on items you can re-use or give new life, from the obvious like paint cans and buckets, to more out-of-the-ordinary containers like shoes and purses.

Upcycled Container Gardens, Planters and VasesTHUMBNAILS

- See more at:

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Join us as we celebrate the Grand Opening of our Goodwill Store & Donation Center at 1543 Mesa Lane in Aurora.

Join us for the Grand Opening of our newest Goodwill Store & Donation Center!
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Doors open at 8:00 a.m. on Friday, June 5th!
Join us as we celebrate the Grand Opening of our Goodwill Store & Donation Center at 1543 Mesa Lane in Aurora.

Enter to win prizes all weekend long!
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      Saturday, May 23, 2015

      My Own Thrift Shoppe Shoppers May 2015 Haul & Guests From The Past

      My Own Thrift Shoppe Shoppers May 2015 Haul & Guests From The Past
       Two kitchen bar stools from Good Will that were a perfect style and color match for my contemporary style Country Home. Price $7.99 each and wish they had three.
       But hey if I found two of them the third has to be out there some where and I will find it!

       I have this thing for baskets of all kinds. I find then for really great prices at Goodwill and Salvation Army stores. Not to much luck at garage sales I find?
      Curio I finished myself when I worked at Naked Furniture like a 100 years ago in Villa Park. 
       A find a few months ago. maybe even last year. Make a quilt rack into a plant stand. It is still open enough not to block the light in front of the window yet gives you the country charm you like and the plants seem to like it also. 
       The desk, given to me from an High School Friend, once a sewing station. Serves as a main control center for my Christian Studies and Poetry Writing. Everything on the desk & the wall behind all comes from my favorite Thrift Stores. The savings are amazing. I just love and admire the stories behind some of the old pieces I find and try to give them a good and loving home. Till it is my time to pass them on. 
       The head board, dresser, picture, lamp, shelf, plants, everything but the radio all comes from thrift stores. I mean you have to be realistic, being on a budget does not mean you can not be creative. Regardless of your style choices!
       Shelf, night stand, lamp, plants and shelf accessories, all once again, from my locale thrift stores. 
       My collection of Antique Prayer Books. Some from the 1860's. I was very lucky to find this great display case to show my collection all in one area. 
      Items from my last trip to the Goodwill Thrift Store. I found some really cool stuff at great prices. 
      Place mates, wicker, 1.99 each normal 6.99 from Target. not to bad and in great shape
      I like finding Avery products. They are in very good shape and the prices are a lot cheaper than even Walmart has them priced at. I got this full package for 1.99 Reg. priced 8.00
      Wash Board, copper back, excellent shape, 2.99. Makes a great wall hanging.  
      Jobs plant sticks, full, UN-opened package-0.49 cents. Dudes, such a great price.
      Such a Turkey kind of a deal but hey, I went for it any way. 49 cents each, vinyl place-mates. excellent condition,  got 8 of them. 
      I am fire starter! well maybe not that dramatic. 99. cents. make sure you check the little liquid see through level  on the top right of the handle. make sure it is full. Just a tip. I did not and well, me make no fire. I was not happy that day.
      Nice Pine wood shelf. 3.99. I like the gallery trim on the top, adds more character.

      Shelf I purchased a few trips ago. Filled with items from 99 cent store. Being Thrifty can be fun and get your creative side going.

      Goodwill & Salvation Army are two of my favorite Thrift Stores to Shoppe. I highly recommend them both. I also recommend that you donate to them every time you do your Thrift Shopping  there also. Always have a bag or two ready by your door. This way to can recycle, update and clean out your closet. Refresh your kitchen cabinates, get rid of excess.

      Remember recycle, reuse, help out others, and have fun Treasure Hunting.
      Best Wishes on Happy Hunting, Carl

      Monday, May 18, 2015