Friday, August 21, 2015

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Mobile Home Proud!
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Monday, August 17, 2015

Goodwill Thrift Shoppe Haul August 2015 Let The Treasure Hunt Begin!

Goodwill Thrift Shoppe Haul August 2015
Let The Treasure Hunt Begin!

Receipts from two different Goodwill's & a Mourning Star Missions Thrift Stores all for date 8/13/2015.

I did go back to the same store and
 I found a third chair. 
The others I purchased were $4.99 each.
This one was missing a screw and needed some TLC.
 It still looks great and for $2.99 I said why the heck not. 
so I got it.

My Last Thrift Shoppe haul.
Gift tags & Avery Labels.
Always at a great price at Goodwill.

Wood Pie holder. Great shelf
sitter. $2.99. A great country deal.

3 PC. plate set. country motif.
bright colors 50 cents each. A
Great deal period.
50 cents each. room fresheners.
A good deal so glad they were there. you can always use them at that price.

Apples $1.99 . Wood toy, baskets. all kinds of neat and cool stuff.

Baskets and silk plants, great for shelf fillers and making a dull space into a warm and inviting area.
Country framed photo picture. perfect for quest bedroom. $1.99 a great way to warm up country guest bedroom.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

More Thrift Shoppe Shoppers site from My Face Book Page 8/9/2015

More Thrift Shoppe Shoppers site 
from My Face Book Page 8/9/2015
got these great cane bottom chairs, 2 of them as accent chairs. they are in excellent condition and for $4.99 each from Goodwill they were a great find.

my front entrance pictured. All items are from thrift stores. i think they are all unique and all have there own stories to tell. 

all items shown except chair & tv are from local thrift stores. I love the American pillow and touches of red that it adds to my living room.

bathroom shelf, hand washer, well all items shown in wall display used in master bedroom bathroom of my home, still a work in progress. 
here is that second chair used in the master bathroom some hanging wall baskets and wall wreath. The master bathroom will need a major over haul, but time is the key here and a tight budget as always.
 purchase from 1.00 tree stores, ll 1.00 ha. ha. I am contemporary country in my home style and red roosters re my choice that add pops of red. at these prices some shown are 2-1.00 and all fabric is very good, long lasting quality. i have used them before and they wear long and very well.

Cologne for the man who has everything and still shoppes the 1.00 store because he can not afford nothing, ha, ha, on that one. sorry the picture did not come out clearer but this is good stuff. 

 The wheel, i saw it first so i will take credit for inventing it, ok
great wall hanging
 mates for breezeway and tin watering can, goodwill 2.00 for pair
3 baskets, willow weave on two of them, 1.99 for pair. basket with lid, 1.99 also, very good find
water color paints for my roommate, 1.99 great price. 3 house, missing the e in home, but oh well regardless in a small area they make great space fill and .50 cents each house.
5 wood apples, always a great country find, 1.99 all five, great apple to all.
overview of some of the purchase for this goodwill and dollar three haul

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

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Published on Sep 7, 2013

Here are some more finds from the flea market and thrift stores enjoy!!!

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Found some really cool stuff this time around. Enjoy!!!! Please Rate, Comment, and Subscribe.

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Not a lot of great finds today. But I still found some cool pieces for myself and for resale.

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Flea Market Haul 10/05/14: Vintage Xmas, Vintage GE Clock, and More

Published on Oct 8, 2014

Not a very big haul for this past weekend. Looks as though the Flea Market season is slowly drawing to a close.

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Flea Market Haul 10/25-10/26/14: Vintage Fire-King, Mid Century Modern, ...

Published on Oct 26, 2014

Thought flea market season was over for us, but mother nature has decided to be kind to us and let it stay nice over this past weekend. Found some great stuff and hope to make a great amount of $$.

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Flea Market Haul 11/02/14: Vintage Pyrex, Vintage Tupperware, Vintage Cl...

Published on Nov 2, 2014

Looks like the Romano Family Flea Market Season is officially over for 2014. Now it is time to start looking forward to the auctions and estate sales. This may be my last haul for awhile so I apologize for that. I also need to start putting things on ebay before it is too late.

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Antique Store Haul 12/21/14: Vintage Christmas and More

Published on Dec 23, 2014

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Published on Dec 28, 2014

Got some really great Vintage Christmas Gifts this year. Hope you all enjoy.

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