Wednesday, April 8, 2015

HUGE Dollar Store Dumpster Dive - $200 worth of products!!

ublished on May 29, 2013

we went dumpster diving today behind a dollar store and had a huge haul. over $200 worth of stuff, chocolate, shower gels, poppori, sandals, gift bags, lint rollers, so much more.

Diving finds from Biglots

Published on Mar 17, 2013

Some stuff I found in the dumpster behind biglots. Yeah me.

Diving behind Family Dollar

Published on Mar 16, 2013

Lots of brand new stuff out of the dumpster.

Dumpster Diving Finds:Trash Can Full Of Vintage Collectibles

Published on Jun 23, 2013

I Guess They Just Didn't Want Grandpa Model Airplane Kit either!

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Your video's are inspiring, i am going dumpster diving lol please keep the video's coming
I would like to buy the sega genisis
you rat pack . you go do a garage sale 
i dumpster dive all the time. i had always had ever sense i was a kid
even when i used to made ton of money 
You need to be on "The Voice". You'd knock their socks off! :-)
+Mom The Ebayer  Oh, be sure to sing "Fever". Peggy Lee would be so proud! :-)
+Mom The Ebayer The best version of Fever was done by Annabella Lwin.  Did dumpster diving pay for your nice ride?   Check out Markus Rothkranz , he makes Cactus smoothies and other health drinks.  P.S.  You have a nice voice, I like the way you narrate your videos!
are you stupid? Nothing of this is vintage, it is just old crap, broken electronics and other junk... Vintage thing are at least 50 years old....
No need to be rude to her it might be
Lol a vintage Sega Genesis, vintage light bulbs, vintage model airplane... Damn, these are some priceless vintage artifacts.
where do you live and how did you do money wise on the model plane ,did the sega genesis ever work
i like your voice]
I live in England I don't know if you are allowed to dive but I'm going to do my first in a couple weeks, felling exited
Hey with u could used the trash can and bring it back emty
Also, other than the stuff you plan on keeping, are you able to sell a great deal of your items on ebay or do you end up having to donate some of it (stuff you weren't able to sell) to your local thrift stores?
Obama trashed our economy, which explains why people are climbing  into dumpsters?  SURVEY:  How many of you started before Bush or while Bush was in office?  Dumpster diving is a form of recycling, turning stuff into ca$h, so I'm not against that.  SURVEY:  How many of you find/trade/sell BOOKS?
+LuckyGuu Republicans always sold the idea of trickle down economics to give lower tax rates to the wealthy.. This is trickle down economics in action, but not the way it was meant to be.  we shouldn't have to go into the garbage to recover usable items.
+vanhalenps4 Who is forcing you to dumpster dive?  Over 6 years under Obama and blacks are far worse off, along with Americans in general.  I belong to the unemployed.  I'm disappointed more DEMS won't   challenge Hillary.  I like E. W. Jackson, have you ever heard him speak?  (he's with GOP)
You've probably answered this question before, but has anyone ever caught going through their trash?  And if so, what did they say or what is the typical reaction of someone seeing you "dumpster diving" their trash?  I want to start dumpster diving so I'm trying to get as much information as I can.  I've been wanting to do this for a long time to get some stuff that my family and I can use and to try to make some extra cash off of some the items I find too.
Do you ever scrap the small appliances? Most scrap yards will take them as is, without you having to take them apart.
I tried but I didn't get much for it so I don't bother with it anymore
take everything for garage sales!!!
I tried doing a garage sale and it didn't go very well for me.
if you can when a college near you lets out in spring go there to dive, the students throw away EVERYTHING
You got some good scores in there! I just picked a gold ring from the dumpster today!
@Mathisontanner Thank you for the name!
i love ur channel :) i subscribed :)))
You betta sang!!!
hey great finds and hey great voice!
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